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The Power of Love. A critical analysis of the representation of Aphrodite’s influence over mortals within Greek vase painting.


Firstly, I would like to thank Errietta Bissa for her supervision, advice and guidance during the dissertation project. I would also like to thank the academics and professional services staff at University of Wales Trinity Saint David who have supported me during my MA. Thank you also to Alan and Iris Allsop (my parents) who nurtured my interest in Classics and for supporting my studies. Also to Apollo and Ares (my Guinea Pigs) for helping to manage my stress levels. Finally, to my fiancé Daniel Board thank you most of all for supporting me over the past four years. You have had unending patience and also seen me through every module and assignment.


Table of Figures
Chapter One – Data Analysis
Chapter Two – Aphrodite and the Judgement of Paris
Chapter Three – Aphrodite and Peitho
Chapter Four – Aphrodite’s Sphere of Influence
Chapter Five – The Audience
Appendix One
Appendix Two
Appendix Three
Appendix Four

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