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Night in the Museum – Sculptures with Classical Influence

February 12, 2017

Just a brief post today as I have been busy but I thought I would share just a few photos from a trip to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. My partner recommended the exhibition as the concept of figurative sculpture as observer of other artistic pieces sounded fascinating. I usually prefer less abstract pieces of art but found it to be informative and challenging of my usual taste. Whilst exploring the exhibition I saw links back to ancient sculpture in a number of the pieces presented and these are below with a comparison photo, enjoy.

There are direct comparisons where the artist Darbyshire has recreated a piece in a modern material.


Doryphoros (2015) Matthew Darbyshire

Doryphoros – Roman copy of bronze original by Polykleitos. Napels National Archaeological Museum (Marie-Lan Nguyen: 2011)

There are pieces that draw upon classical influences, Dobson appears to have been influenced by the Aphrodite of Cnidus in the formation of the piece.


The Fount (1947-48) Frank Dobson


Capitoline Venus – variation of the Aphrodite of Cnidus by Praxiteles. The Capitoline Museum.

Similar influences are seen in the in seated figure tying her sandal and the classical images of Aphrodite.


Seated Figure (1951) Uli Nimptsch


Terracotta figurine of Aphrodite removing her sandal (late 4th-early 1st BC century) Archaeological Museum Pella.

One final example is a modern depiction of a white sculpture (apologies I did not note the details of the artist, if anyone knows them please post them below) that could be compared with the Kore statues in form, stance and expression.


Kor au pŽplos, en marbre de Paros, vers 530 av. J.-C. MusŽe de l'Acropole, 679.

Peplos Kore (c.530 BC) – Acropolis Museum

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