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Some Recent Favourite Articles by other Classicists

March 12, 2014

Unfortunately due to work commitments and being out tonight I have not had the chance to write a blog in time for my usual Wednesday posting. On the other hand, it is fortunate that I get to share some of my favorite recent posts. I have chosen three very different posts to cater for everyone’s interests; politics, drinking and myth. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Al-Sisi: Egypt’s new Pharaoh or Caesar? – A wonderful article drawing comparisons between prospective president Al-Sisi and Caesar (fitting in the run up to the Ides of March).

Was Hadrian’s Wall awash with cider? – An excellent examination of the evidence for cider making in Roman Britain.

Monsters and mythical creatures invade Rome – Amazing photos of The Roman National Museum exhibition Monsters, fantastic creatures of fear and myth.

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  1. followinghadrian permalink

    Thank you very much David… glad you enjoyed my post. It is such a wonderful exhibition!

    • You are welcome. Thank you for posting the article, I wish I had the opportunity to go and see the exhibition but at least I have had the opportunity to live it through your pictures.

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