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Classics Resource of the week

December 16, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I have been struck by an exceptionally busy period. I did not quite realise that Christmas combined with researching and preparing a plan for my latest essay on Helen of Troy would result in no time to write for the blog (more fool me I guess). Thankfully I have now completed my plan and will shortly be commencing with writing; though I have a strange feeling that said plan will evolve as I write.

The intention of this post was to explain my absence but also provide one final Classics Resource of the week (for the time being). I have recently come across a fantastic site that provides an extensive list of links to virtually all the important resource sites related to the study of Classics, suitably entitled, Classics Resources. If you are searching for something online then this is an exceptionally useful site to start from. This one resource renders my Classics Resource of the week posts somewhat redundant; until I come across ones that are not listed. I do hope you find this as useful as I have during my recent research.

In addition to this site another resource that made me particularly happy recently came in the form of a Facebook post from The Classics Library, who provided a link to digital versions of all the Loebs that are out of Copyright. These can be downloaded via Loebolus.

Finally, just a note that during the Christmas and essay writing period I will only be posting once or twice a week. These posts will be on days that I have the capacity, so do keep checking back. I am currently working on a short essay which I hope to publish this weekend.

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