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Quote of the week – Mosaic Floor

November 26, 2013

This section of mosaic was found in Mansoura, Lefkosia District and dates to the 4th/5th century A.D. It was part of the floor of a bath in a Roman villa.


I have relied on my notes from the museum and believe that the mosaic translates as:

You who loves the sea, bathe well.

I look forward to being able to translate these myself as intend to start learning ancient Greek in the next few weeks (I am however teaching myself so it may take some time).

This mosaic would have been part of a larger set within the bath complex and so there may have been several of these sayings/maxims that complemented each other. I would propose that the saying likely related to the business of the family who owned the villa. Mansoura is located near the sea and the villa may have been owned by a wealthy merchant family; hence the love of the sea and bathing to clean away the salt from work/business. Though unfortunately a firm conclusion could never be drawn.

Just a note, if you look up Mansoura on google do not confuse it with the modern village located within the UN Buffer Zone. This village is currently abandoned until the Cyprus issue is resolved.


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