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Petition to save Classics in University College Cork – A quick thank you

October 15, 2013

Dear all,

On the 1st October I posted a link to a petition set up by The Classics Association of Ireland to save Classics at University College Cork that had been threatened with closure.

I am happy to say that the proposals to have been withdrawn and for now the department will remain open. I would like to thank all those who followed the link and signed the petition which I am sure played no small part in the victory. Thank you also to The Classics Association of Ireland for organising the petition.

I truly hope the stay of execution will be permanent.



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  1. David, I am delighted to read this as your blog is the first I have read that the petition was successful. Have you read in LinkedIn S.P.Q.R. that a university in Belgium wants to drop Latin as a major subject?

    • Hello Pauline, I did read it on Linkedin a short time ago and have signed it. I should have thought to post a link to it. I shall do it asap.

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