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The National Latin Survey needs your help!

October 10, 2013

I post the following on behalf of Elliott from Teachers College – Columbia University who are undertaking a National Latin Survey. If you are a resident of the USA and teach Latin or are a student of the subject they would very much welcome your participation. Elliott has provided a summary about the survey below. Thank you in advance.

The purpose of the National Latin Survey is to survey middle and high school students and teachers all across the United States and find out the many different reasons why people study and teach Latin. The last national survey of Latin students and teachers was conducted in the 1920s by the American Classical League. Your opinion is important because what you say will provide up-to-date information and may help authors write new Latin textbooks and provide Latin teachers with valuable information. To access the survey or for more info, please click one of the links below:



The long-term goals of the project are to produce at least two reports describing the findings; one report will be a full needs analysis study including all the statistical formulae for the applied linguistics community and the other report will be written for an audience of Latin teachers with no knowledge of statistics.  These reports will be made available to the public for free on the project website. If you are a teacher and would like your students to participate, please e-mail to request student surveys.


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