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Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

September 28, 2013

I spent part of today in Birmingham’s Museum and Art Gallery and saw some amazing works one of which I have already shared on Twitter. The piece below is a Pre-Raphaelite work entitled Proserpine painted by Rossetti in 1881, the lighting in the museum is excellent for viewing the piece but has unfortunately shown up on the photo.


The work is painted in oil on canvas and is one of eight versions of the piece; this is the only one where the model Jane Morris (who had dark hair) is shown with auburn hair. To discover more about the painting click this link to Tate Britain’s website.

Proserpine (or Proserpina) is the Roman equivalent of Persephone. The painting portrays Proserpine as the the Queen of the Underworld who having just consumed some pomegranate is now condemned to spend a portion of each year within its depths. I have written about the myth of Persephone and Hades previously and so will not re-write this as you can read it here.

I loved seeing this picture today and could not resist sharing this beautiful work with everyone. It is a fantastic example of how Greek and Roman mythology has influenced so much of our culture through the centuries. The best thing I discovered today is that they museum has a print service and I am hoping to persuade my other half that this will look amazing in our house!


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