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Paphos Mosaics 14 – Three Women

September 15, 2013


You may be wondering why this photo has been taken at an odd angle? Similar to the Poseidon mosaic I wrote about last week, The Department of Antiquities have closed off the area to visitor access and so the picture had to be taken at a distance. The mosaic is open to the elements and restricting tourist movement assists with its preservation; I hope that work to cover the area will be undertaken soon to avoid damage through sun bleaching.

The mosaic is of three women who may be the Fates, the Erinyes or simply noble women. Unfortunately there are no words or features within the piece that aid in their identification. However, as none of the attributes usually associated with goddesses are present I would suggest that they are most likely noble women. The House of Theseus where this is located was a palatial residence for a rich family, it might be suggested that this is a representation of ladies from the household.

This mosaic is exceptionally well preserved and even though there is no action or mythological nature to this piece it is a beautiful and fascinating work. This is of particular importance as it demonstrates that decorative mosaics could vary quite considerably in the scenes they portrayed which could include everyday people. Given our tendency in modern times to adorn our houses with photos of friends and family it is probable that Roman families undertook a similar approach with what means were available.


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