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Small sculpted head of Athena

September 5, 2013


The title given to the piece by The Cyprus Museum sums it up perfectly, this is a small sculpted head of Athena goddess of wisdom. The head was found in the palace of Vouni and dates to the fifth century BC.

The palace of Vouni was originally founded by Marion citizens who were Persian sympathisers. However, following the Greek victory over Persia it became a centre for Greek culture; those who were loyal to Persia were removed and the leadership replaced. Athena became an important deity to the citizens of Vouni and the palace the focus for her worship. The sculpture can clearly be identified as Athena by the presence of her helmet. The work is particularly important as there are a number of similarities to mainland Greek representations of Athena that also date to the fifth century (such as the Mourning Athena found in the Acropolis Museum). The sculpture therefore demonstrates the interconnectivity of both cultures. Unfortunately the sculptor is unknown.

This is a beautifully sculpted piece, a sense of knowing and understanding comes across in Athena’s features. It is possible that the head may have been part of a small sculptural presentation of the goddess; though no other pieces that could form this have been discovered.


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