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Votive Temple Sanctuary of Aphrodite

August 22, 2013


The above is a Votive Temple that was found in close proximity to the Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Palepaphos. It is made from clay and is simple in its design apart from the detailing on the roof. There are no inscriptions or dedications on the temple and so it is not possible to conclude whether the offerings made were to a specific god or goddess.

Votive Temples were used to house offerings to the gods which were placed on the raised platform inside. To the front of the temple would have been wooden doors to protect the offerings. It is likely given the number of votive offerings discovered in the vicinity that, from time to time, some of them would have been removed from the temple and buried in sacred places. The Votive Temple is in exceptionally good condition and is the only example, to my knowledge, to have been found on the island.

Unfortunately I cannot find my notes in respect of the piece and as such am unable to provide the date of the artefact; internet searches have failed me. I shall revisit and update this post as soon as I have found them.


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