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Artefacts – Bath From Nestor’s Palace

August 15, 2013

Pauline commented on the previous post of mine on Ancient Greek bathtubs that she had seen a similar bathtub at Nestor’s Palace. I remembered that I had been there many years ago when I was at sixth form and found this photo:


This bathtub is very similar to the previous ones and dates from around the same period. The similarity of the artefacts demonstrates the link between mainland Greece and Cyprus. I particularly like the detailing inside the bath, it is beautiful and well carved. However, the major difference is that this his been built into the fabric of the palace. This indicates to me that there are specific areas of the palace that would have been zoned for certain activities. To me though the most fascinating thing with this bathtub is that it may have been the one where Telemachus was bathed by Polycaste in the Greek Myth.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share this and hope you find it as amazing as I do.


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  1. I was there on my honeymoon, which was travelling around Greece for a month. We did not visit the museum there, but I never forgot the bath. I thought it was one of the most beautiful artefacts I saw. As the Classical Association of Ireland are visiting the Peloponnese next year, I hope to see it again. It is a coincidence, but nearly twenty five years later my husband is painting and retiling our bathroom, so baths and fittings are on my mind.

    • What a fantastic place to spend your honeymoon and for such a good period of time. Maybe you can convince your husband to design your bath in that style?

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