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Quote of the Week – Entrance to The House of Eustolios

August 6, 2013

I appreciate I am writing and posting quite a lot about Cyprus’ ancient sites following my holiday but I really did see and do so much; there is a lot that I want to share. I will start spreading things apart from next week.

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the mosaic where this quote is inlaid, should I find one I will update the post as I am pretty sure I took one. There has also been a bit of a rush with tonight’s post as I am off out for a joint birthday dinner with a friend of mine, I will look again for the photo later in the week.

I think that the message of the mosaic is particularly positive and very welcoming to visitors as it read:

‘Enter for the good luck of the house’

Imagine as you enter the vestibule seeing this, I certainly would have felt very welcome and am considering whether there is some way of having this message in Greek for the entrance to my house.

Within Greek Mythology there are many references to hospitality and the expectations upon hosts. Hercules saving Alcestis from death in repayment for the hospitality of King Admetus is a particularly good example. Statements such as these, therefore, serve to reinforce that hospitality towards guests, and even strangers, was exceptionally important.


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