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Tombs of the Kings – Paphos

August 4, 2013

Having only been back a week I have not had much time to undertake any research or reading and so have not prepared anything to post for today (too much laundry and housework to complete). Instead I thought I would provide several photos of our visit to the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos. These tombs are a world heritage site and definitely worth a visit. The tombs were actually used for the burial of wealthy individuals and other important people from the locality; not kings.

The tombs vary quite considerably, some are carved into the rock and others are built in an underground vault style with Doric columns and a portico. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the Paphos museum where some artifacts from the site are located (others were taken from the island following earlier excavations) but it gives me another reason to return to Cyprus. I hope you enjoy the photos I have selected.











  1. Pete Laberge permalink

    Some great pictures there, if you took them all! odd, the last one has what looks like a very modern sewer grating! And near a tomb? The ancients may have been more modern than I realized.

    • Hello Pete,

      I did get a little snap happy! There are even more of them on my computer but these are the best ones.

      The grating is not really in keeping with the tombs. It covers up a hole in the ground which I believe may have been a well within the tomb complex. The tombs cover a vast space and water would be needed by visitors and for burial practices. It is speculation as, if it is a well, it is not very deep. However, my assumption is based on clear evidence of wells in two other tombs.

      This Sunday coming I intend to post photos from one of the other ancient sites. They are so spectacular that I wanted to capture everything, so there may be quite a few going up again!

      All the best


  2. Annie permalink

    Thanks for this, i had been there ages ago, i had almost forgot it!

  3. Hello Annie

    You are welcome, if you did a few of the tourist bits in Paphos you might want to take a look at my posts on the mosaics.


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