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Quote of the week – The House of Eustolios at Kourion

July 30, 2013

House of Eustolis


I returned from my travels on Saturday, having had a fantastic time it has proven slightly difficult to get back into my normal life. However, over the coming weeks I get to relive my experiences through posting various photos and bits of research I undertook whilst away.

To ease myself back into my blogging I have attached a photo from The House of Eustolios at Kourion; constructed between the 4th and 7th Century AD. The inscription roughly reads ‘In place of big stones and solid iron, gleaming bronze and even adamant, this house is girt by the much venerated signs of Christ’. Above the inscription images of birds and fish, animals important to Christianity, can be seen. Mosaics such as this demonstrate how Christianity became dominate during this period and as such are extremely important sources. Throughout the house there are other inscriptions and mosaics that further demonstrate this (photos will follow in the coming weeks on the photos page).




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