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Paphos Mosaics 6 – Apollo and Daphne

July 20, 2013

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This is the sixth in my series of posts on the Paphos Mosaics. This mosaic represents the myth of Apollo and Daphne.

Daphne was daughter of the river God Peneus, depicted in the mosaic as an older man holding a horn of plenty and wearing a crown of reeds. Daphne had sworn to remain eternally chaste but unfortunately she caught the eye of the God Apollo. Apollo declared his feelings and attempted to convince her to voluntarily renounce her vow and become his consort. When his many attempts failed he began to chase her.

The mosaic depicts the moment shortly after Daphne asked her father for help. Peneus agreed to assist and transformed Daphne into a tree. Within the mosaic you can see the beginning of Daphne’s transformation, she has started to develop roots for legs. It would appear that Apollo has just arrived at the start of the transformation, given the movement in his legs, and can only look on powerless.


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  1. The Classical Association of Ireland visited Daphne Kúrsat, in the Hatay province of Turkey last year. There was a waterfall and a resort, but empty due to Turks not visiting and Syrians not crossing the border due to the conflict in Syria. The staff in the hotel we had lunch in, said the gunfire and the explosions around could hear be heard. As well as that, the site was blighted by a huge wind turbine and a new road being constructed. Progress on one hand and mayhem and murder a few miles away.

  2. Hello Pauline, I have not heard of that site before do you perhaps have a link to a good website so I can have a look or maybe a book recommendation? Progress is not always for the best when it destroys the visuals for an ancient site. Also it doesn’t sound like you had the most relaxing of times due to the war.

  3. Dear David, Your site is a happy find for me and I have invited you to join my group on Facebook.
    Your photographs of the Paphos mosaics are superb. Do you have any good photos of the baby Dionysus and Hermes mosaic? I want to use a a base/template for a new painting. You can see my paintings here:

    Yours sincerely,

    André Durand

    • Hello André, I am glad that you have enjoyed my site. I will accept your invite when I next log onto Facebook. Thank you for the compliments on my photography (I am an amateur but it is good to hear I have not done to badly).

      Your message is very fortuitous as I have just finished my post for Saturday which includes a photo of the baby Dionysus and Hermes mosaic. Unfortunately it is at an angle due to the way that the barriers are laid out in the House of Aion. You may be able to use it though. Would you like me to e mail it?


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