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Paphos Mosaics 2 – Scylla

June 22, 2013


This is the second in my series of posts on the Paphos Mosaics.

This mosaic represents the sea monster Scylla. The mosaic is incomplete and bland in colour; particularly in comparison to the others on the site. This is likely due to its origins as the mosaic is the only one from the Hellenic period; 600 years earlier than the others discovered.

There are multiple myths of Scylla’s origin but the one I prefer is that she was loved by Glaucus who was himself loved by the Sorceress Circe. In order to remove her rival Circe poisoned the spring in which Scylla bathed and she transformed into the hideous sea monster.

The mosaic is quite damaged but it is possible to identify Scylla holding a ships mast and trident. It is also possible to make out the dogs heads that ringed her waist and the serpents tail which ends in a claw.


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  1. In Lepcis Magna, Libya there is a row of carved female heads going down to a basilica, Medusas with snakes hair and similar heads with dogs around the heads.

  2. That is very interesting has anyone been able to explain the heads with dogs around them? I have not heard of anything like that before.

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