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The Temple of Apollo

June 1, 2013
The Temple of Apollo

The Temple of Apollo

This is a short post today as I am away for the weekend. The Temple of Apollo at Delphi was designed in the Doric order and likely first constructed in the seventh century. The temple had to be rebuilt on two occasions in the sixth century (following a fire) and in 330 BC having been destroyed by an earthquake forty-three years earlier. The temple design had six columns to the front and back with fifteen on each side. The Ancient Greeks believed Delphi to be at the centre of the world.

The Temple of Apollo is most famous for the Oracles that were provided by the Pythia (Priestesses of Apollo). The Pythia sat upon a tripod over a crevice in the earth within the temple inhaling the fumes that spewed forth. These fumes put her into a trance the result of which were deranged ramblings. People asked questions of the Pythia and the priests of Apollo translated the ramblings into an Oracular prophecy.

The site is beautiful and fascinating, I can well imagine why people came here to seek the future.

  1. I visited Delphi a few years ago and it’s a stunning site. Even the 40-degree heat couldn’t diminish its beauty…though I probably should have asked the Oracle for some extra sunscreen. 😉

    The Delphi Museum’s also worth a look. It’s small but has a pretty interesting collection of artefacts and plenty of information about the site. It’s also a good way to escape the mid-summer heat.

    • Hello Kelly,

      I have not been to Delphi for many years, in fact I think it may be 11 years since my last visit. I so want to go back again, it just is not the same looking through photos. I visited in April so although it was warm it also rained quite a lot (the summer heat sounds far more pleasant).

      I am hoping that next year may be when I get to return and experience its beauty and serenity again. I have a dreadful memory and my photos are unlabeled but I think I visited the museum, I have a photo of the Delphi Charioteer which I am sure is in there?

      Time to start saving for the trip.

  2. It is 9 years since my second visit there. In 2004 the Museum was being redesigned and it was rather ugly. The Charioteer was the only artefact on display. At least that was something that could not be tampered with..

    • Hello Pauline,

      That is unfortunate. When I was last in Athens I saw the redesigned Acropolis museum and thought that they had done that quite well. It is a shame that the did not do the same at Delphi. You are correct that at least the artefacts are not affected.

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