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Ancient Medical Tools

May 12, 2013

It has become apparent that in my study of ancient medicine I have never really seen any medical tools, apart from the occasional picture in a book. I did not realise this until fellow twitterer @CarolineLawrenc posed a question to me yesterday asking what an object was and although I recognised it I failed to give the correct answer; the object was a bleeding cup.

The study I have undertaken has always focused on the theory of medicine. There was very little focus at GCSE on the archaeology that supports the theory. I am responsible for my own education now and have failed in my recent studies to take the time to visit a museum or even look online at the tools of the ancient physicians trade. I have today rectified this and taken some time to focus on medical apparatus. Unfortunately this has been undertaken online as my deadline is fast approaching but I shall certainly be heading to the nearest museum once the essay is submitted.

The sites I found were very informative and the tools quite frightening. I certainly would not have wanted a physician to come at me with some of these tools, I think I would rather have taken my chances on Asclepius saving me through a dream. Far less stressful.

Out of the many sites I looked at I found the following to be of particular interest (and in my view the best):

Lastly I would just like to say thank you Caroline for reminding me to take some time out and look at the objects that support the theory.


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