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The Gates of Hell

April 20, 2013

I have been suffering my own personal torment today trying to get into essay writing mode; so many ideas but sometimes very difficult to get them down. So I have taken a break to compile today’s blog post; I have handed my blog over to the many contributors to the internet and their articles.

I owe this idea to fellow twitterer @c_katsari who tweeted the following article yesterday. I  hope you enjoy it as much as I did;

Archaeologists Find a Classic Entrance to Hell

However, whilst looking it up I also found a site with a few more pictures

Can this be the mythological “Gates of Hell”?

Whilst reading the article a memory was triggered and I recalled another Gate to Hell in Southern Greece, Alepotrypa which you can read about on the following sites

Killer Cave May Have Inspired Myth of Hades

Alepotrypa: Incredible cave which experts believe inspired the Greek legend of Hades

Within myth there are a number of other Gates of Hell mentionned such as a cleft in the earth in Sicily where Hades kidnapped Persephone, Orpheus and Hercules (on separate occasions) entered the underworld via a cave in Taenarum, Aeneas entered from a cave near Lake Avernus and Odysseus via a cave near Lake Acheron.

I would be interested to know of any other gates that people know of; my interest has been caught and now I need to find out (although it will have to wait until I have tackled my essay. I am a third of the way there.) Next time you consider entering a cave just make sure that there are no inscriptions to Hades and Persephone on the wall before you go in; you would not want to end up in hell!

Thank you Constantina for the idea.

  1. You are most welcome. The most famous Gate maybe the one at Acheron in mainland Greece. Not many tourists end up there but it is a great archaeological site

  2. Thank you for the information regarding the Acheron and Necromanteion of Parga, that is another destination to add to the list of places I must visit. The photos I just saw online look amazing.

  3. There is an entrance to hell in the Mani Peninsula at Cape Matapan (Taenaros). Apparently there was a crypt where priests would give oracles. The whole Mani is very historical and only became Christian at the end of the ninth century. I spent 10 days of my month’s honeymoon in Greece there staying in Gythion.

  4. Thank you Pauline. It certainly looks fascinating, I have never been so far south in Greece. I am hoping to go back next year so will hopefully get a chance to visit.

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