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Kourion Theatre

April 17, 2013

Kourion Theatre

The Ancient ruins of Kourion in Cyprus are some of the most impressive I have ever visited. The most awe inspiring of these is the restored Grecco-Roman Theatre which is used for productions today. The Mediterranean back drop provides fantastic views and a beautiful setting for the theatrical performances that are delivered (Click on the photo to see the opposite view).

Theatres and plays were important to the Ancient Greeks. They were used for worshiping and honouring the gods as part of religious festivals; such as the City Dionysia in Athens.

I appreciate that you cannot take in the full atmosphere and as such I hope the photos aid your imagination. I would have liked to have written more tonight but unfortunately I had an evening meeting. I will return to the importance of the Greek Theatre more fully at the weekend.

  1. Lovely and I would love to show you the theatre of Lepcis Magna in Libya and the theatre in Ephesus in Turkey

    • Hello Pauline,

      I have not seen either of them, do you have any photos? I can go online and generic photos taking by a tourist agency but quite frankly it is not the same.

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