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Temple of Apollo Hylates

April 8, 2013

This post has been prompted following the booking of flights to Cyprus for Daniel, Hannah and I. The Sanctuary of Apollo is a a magnificent site but of particular interest to me is The Temple of Apollo Hylates.

The atmosphere of the site allows a visitor to experience a real sense of what life would have been like for the people coming to pray and make offerings to the god.

Apollo was likened to the god Hylates originally worshiped at the site and over time the two merged into the one diety Apollo of the woodlands. Apollo was worshiped here from as early as the 8th century BC through to the 4th century AD. The temple then being destroyed by a large earth quake. The photo details a partial reconstruction of the temple.

The temple is constructed in a proto Corinthian style, known as Nabataean, which is thought to have developed in Alexandria. It must be noted that what remains is a reconstruction of the later building that was rebuilt in the 1st Century AD by the Romans.

The temples significance indicates the arrival of the cult of Apollo on the island. In addition to this, the Corinthian style signifies the direct influence of Alexandrian architecture on the island (Wright 1992:268).

The Temple of Apollo Hylates

The Temple of Apollo Hylates – Partial Reconstruction


Wright, G. Ancient Building in Cyprus Brill, 1992.

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